Subject: Beaches in Le Marche
Dear Ziners,

It's that time of year...summer travel planning. I'm trying to plan our annual 'esacpe the fog' trip to Italy. I got lots of great ideas for last year's trip, so I'm hoping for the same about this. We loved our time in Sicilia last summer, but not sure if we feel like driving down this year or seeing something new.

Mikey's comments about Le Marche were very helpful, but I need some additional info about any beaches that anyone has been to in Le Marche and their honest opinion about it. We are looking to spend some time 'at the seaside' but don't want to be in the wild and crazy towns. We're looking for a more family friendly atmosphere. The website just gives more general descriptions.

Any suggestions or recommendations (good or bad) would be greatly appreciated!

Ciao, Kristy S.F.