Subject: Re: Summer Airfares are up - is it my imagination??
Hi Paul, Three of us have booked airfare to Frankfurt/leaving from Milan the end of June for $605.00 husband just happened to be up in the middle of the night and checked again airfares (previously it was almost double) and to his suprise found the exact same flight for this price..of course we grabbed it and funny thing is the next day it was increased again. I don't know if the airlines sell tickets in layers? Where they may have to have so much of the plane filled by a certain date so may have tickets cheap during this time to fill? I am sure there are some ziners out there that can tell us how this works? Good luck! (Lufthansa also introduced non-stop Europe travel recently, you could get R/T to Europe from Portland, Oregon for I believe it was under $500...however you had to travel by May of this year. Awaiting snow on Mt Hood for some good X-country skiing! Jeanie