Subject: Misc. Questions on France
First, thank you to all that have responded with advice for our first trip to Europe. I've printed all out to read and check out suggested links over the next weekend.

I do have a couple of more specific questions though. 1. Someone mentioned that the drive from Chartres to the Loire Valley could be rather long (doesn't look that way on the maps but those can sometimes be misleading). We had planned on taking an afternoon to make the drive. If that isn't enough time, would we be better off taking a train from Chartres to Tours and picking up our rental car in Tours?

2. Is there a place to store luggage for the day at EuroDisney?

3. Has anyone stayed at the following places: Le Moulin du Vey (in Clecy, south of Caen on the Orne river) Auberge du Terroir (in Servon, outside of Mt. St.Michel) Manoir de Chaix (in Truyes, south of Tours) Moulin de Touvois (in Touraine, west of Tours)

And Steve, your story about the rental car in Paris was so funny...I know we'd end up in the same type of situation! Would love to hear about how you were taken to a French police station...

Thanks for all your help! Jennie in Atlanta Expecting snow flurries tonight!