Subject: Re: orient tickets
Hi Phil,

I have flown to Hong Kong via United and with Northwest. In light of United's obvious problems, I would probably choose NW, though I had no problems with either of them. It has been a few years (which I regret), but I would highly recommend HK as a destination. The contrasts are so striking, and there is so much to see and do. You can pack in the primitive, historical, most current and most luxurious in a single day. My only experience with Japan is an 8-hour layover at Narita Airport --- which I do not recommend. I'm really no help with a comparison, but Hong Kong I would highly recommend.

Happy traveling,

Lou Matthews (Lakeway, TX, where temperatures are dropping rapidly toward the 20's, and the winds on our hilltop are blowing large flower pots around) But the sun is still shining.