Subject: Introduction - new member in Sydney, Australia
Moderator's Note - Welcome, Margaret-Rose. Your web sites are terrific!

Hello TheTravelziners ...

We (my husband and I) are devotees of travel in Europe -- mostly Italy and France. This we have been doing only since the end of '89, with a long gap after that trip before the next one, during the Sydney2000 Olympic Games. Our most recent trip was in March of 2002, and our next will be in March of next year, 2004.

You will guess that we create a (non-commercial) site after every trip; in all honesty, this is done more as a permanent memory for ourselves than for any other reason, but we hope that somewhere there's someone who gets to enjoy some of our photos.

We plan EXHAUSTIVELY, for we find that we enjoy the planning about as much as the travelling ! :-) And such planning would be only improved by being able to read input from others, I believe ... You never know, we might even be able to offer the odd comment or two for the benefit of others !

Looking forward to joining the throng of less-than-totally-youthful travellers,

Margaret-Rose Stringer Pyrmont, Sydney AUSTRALIA