Subject: Re: orient tickets
Phil, Hong Kong is the cheapest. My advice, borrowed from a Chinese colleague at work, is to visit a travel agency in Chinatown. Your best bet is to travel to the new Chinatown in north Toronto and ask about best fares. I have found that checking in with an agency that serves the community of the country you are visiting is a good first stop because they have deals. My colleague flies to Hong Kong each year on Cathay Pacific for an incredibly good price. The only glitch is the flight sometimes stops over in Alaska to re-fuel, but then again you get to stop in Fairbanks or Juneau for a while. An added bonus is that you fly over the North of B.C. and down the eastern seabord of Russia which is a sight to behold. We did this in 1997 and spent hours just looking out the window at the magnificent landscape.

Years ago I flew to England for half the price of the regular fare on British Airways because I did just this. I paid $10.00 to become a member of a supporting club for a soccer team and presto received this deal. Went to Italy on Alitalia by visiting a travel agency on College Street and the fare was 2/3 of the regular price. These agencies do a brisk business with clients who want to go home on a visit and they buy up a block of seats on the flight. Just don't tell the Canadian in the seat next to you that you managed to get a fabulous deal on the airfare. All this takes is a few hours of your time on a Saturday afternoon and it's going to save you $$$.