Subject: Introduction - New member in Sidney, Australia
Forwarded by moderator - Welcome, Clio!

Hi there ,

I am an avid traveller who mainly travels alone...currently annually for 3-4 weeks at a time focussing on one region .Skiing in Europe for many years was a passion. I have spent time in Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Czech Rep.,Austria,Germany, Italy & U.S.A. over the past few years & before that in Scandinavia, Greece & The Greek Islands ,France,Spain ,Portugal,Holland , Belgium, Luxumberg, Switzerland,Israel & South Africa.

By now you must have guessed I am from Australia!!!

I intend to return to Germany, specifically to Berlin, in the very near future...hopefully this year...Likewise I intend revisiting that wonderful city New York in the very near future.

I enjoy walking to really explore & get the feel/atmosphere of wherever I am.I take in as much of the, architecture,classical music, opera,ballet.The cafe & restaurant scene is also high on my agenda.

I look forward to receiving your emails.

Clio Hertzberg Sydney,AUSTRALIA