Subject: Introduction - New members in Sydney
Forwarded by moderator - Welcome, Diane and Murray !


Just got your website from the Sydney Morning Herald today, so thought I'd join as it sounds as if it is just what we're looking for.

We're a married couple (52 and 60), and retired 4 years ago, mainly to travel. In that time we did one overseas trip of 9 months, and another of 10 months, plus a few three-month trips in Australia. For the last 4 years we've had our house rented (to pay for our travelling), and have just had temporary accommodation when we've returned to Sydney, but we're now in to the next stage (not sure what that is yet), and now have a permanent address in Sydney. We probably won't do another long trip, but are considering other things, such as homeswapping etc. We're also interested in meeting up with more kindred spirits, both in Sydney and around the world, as older travellers are definitely in the minority among backpackers.

Last year we spent 3 months in China, and also visited Taiwan, Korea, Tibet, Nepal, Europe and had ten weeks in Central America (all countries except El Salvador), and we're already planning our next trip.

Looking forward to hearing from kindred spirits Dianne & Murray (Sydney, Australia)