Subject: Don and Linda share kudos
Dear Lucy,

We are in Rome and were delighted to find your kind note in our mail. This, after a most unusual morning occurrence. We were at the Hotel delle Muse breakfast buffet, when we were approached by a young couple (from Genova) asking if we are Don and Linda. They recognized us from the pictures on our web site! Within minutes we were telling them about our great group of Ziners and now this message from Lucy confirms what we told them. We just had to share it! Thanks Lucy and thanks to all Ziners who make our group worthy of what must have been written in the Sydney Morning Herald today. Will someone downunder please send us the article (privately)? Special thanks to the mods for keeping things running so smoothly in our absence. We are looking forward to seeing Flavio, our moderator in Rome, this evening.

Ciao for now, Don and Linda

Don and Linda,

I've just spent about 6 hours total over the past few days reviewing the e-mail messages - all of them. We have been travelling around the world for approximately 30 years since we were teens and Europe was still $5.00 a day for willing students who didn't mind living off bread and cheese (well actually we still don't mind travelling this way even if we can afford to stay in a real hotel). The messages posted on this site are so interesting and everyone is so willing to exchange their particular travel secrets that I rate this a number 1 for checking out what to do and see.

We missed your last lunch in Toronto in November, I think it was, because we were travelling - well that's what we do, right?

I enjoy all of the travel tips and feel that I belong now because I was finally able to respond to two of the ziners - travel tips for that memorable first trip to Europe and even closer to home being able to recommend restaurants in Toronto.

I applaud you for the time and energy you put into this site. Thank you. Hope to be able to join you in the next Toronto luncheon.

Also look forward to posting questions for the next voyage we take to a spot we haven't been to before for some very helpful suggestions.