Subject: Re:Introduction - new member in Sydney, Australia
Welcome, all the new Ziners Downunder!

It's wonderful that you all have decided to join this group of travelers.

And, just to see if we can really get into the Zine mode, how about a GTG (get-together) on February 4, either lunch or dinner? My friend Donna & I will have arrived in Sydney the morning of Feb 4 & have a day to rest before we head off to the Blue Mtns on Feb 5 for a couple of days of bushwalks.

And Janice, you join the ranks of, erhem, mature backpackers, as I fall into that category very easily. We're staying at the Sydney Central Hostel. After Blue Mtns, we'll head up to my place in Cairns & I won't be back to Sydney till March 4.

Gail In Eugene but never for long