Subject: Introduction - New member in Australia
Forwarded by moderator - Welcome, Roger !

Hello there,

My name is Roger Dobson, my wife is Carol.

I am a 58 year old firefighter (32 year veteran) in New South Wales, Australia.

Since 1987, when my wife and I got the travel bug after a trip to the UK, we have been traveling outside of Australia.

This has been mainly to Asia but in 93 we made it to Hawaii.

I have to admit to being addicted to Singapore although we have been to Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong. These trips have included land, air and sea transport. I can give reports on all these if the site would like them.

We re planning a cruise in the Gulf of Thailand later this year. A trip to the UK is in its early planning stages for 2004.

I haven't indicated Singapore as we are there nearly every year anyway and whenever we go to Asia we stay in Singapore, not in hotels though, we have very good Chinese friends who we stay with.

I hope that this is enough to introduce myself. We normally life in Sydney but because of a recent work posting are, at the moment, in Wagga Wagga New South Wales.

I look forward to contributing to your magazine.

sincerely Roger Dobson