Subject: Re: Travel in Canada
Hi Michael,

I've found that booking cars on-line is generally (i.e. the majority of the time) cheaper than booking on site. If you're picking up the car in Vancouver...try for a downtown pickup location, with drop off at the airport after you're done with the car. I did this most recently with AVIS...picked up the car at the Fairmont Vancouver location downtown, then dropped it off at the airport on my way extra charge!

As for hotels/motels; I don't know of any that will have vouchers/specials for the period of time you're looking for, but many will have 'special' packages for weekends, that may save you some cash. Many of them are very good, and often offer room up-grades, and or meals/other perks. If you book one of these weekend packages, but are also staying at the hotel a couple of nights before...tell them at point of check-in...if they have the space..they'll often upgrade you to the better room, at the lower rate. Doesn't always work, but never hurts to ask.

Enjoy your trip to Canada


John Wiernikowski Hamilton, ON CANADA