Subject: Re: Summer Airfares are up - is it my imagination??
Hi Paul,

I'm one of the travel agents on the list & am not soliciting business. Wanted to get that out front. I checked a couple of Portland consolidator sites which deal only with travel agents for Italy fares. I put in July weekdays & traveling to Milan & return from Rome. I added in taxes & a 10% commission ( the consolidators sell at net & TAs add in their own commission...oops a TA secret!) also added in a 3% credit card fee which most consolidators charge. I came up with several fares under $1300. So if you have a Seattle travel agent you may want to have them check consolidators 'cause some have fares set for the summer. The lowest fare was on USAir which is iffy because of its bankruptcy problems. But other fares were on British Air, United(also a bit iffy) , Lufthansa, Delta, & Air Canada. All gave FF miles except the British Air fare.

I agree with Gail that airlines are in a dither right now with their own bottomline & so many world unknowns. There may be big sale fares coming along. I just got back from a trip from Portland to Las Vegas, connecting in Salt Lake City via Delta. All the flights were 1/2 empty & airports were also quite empty. By the way, Delta has now gone to 3 choices on their beverage service...water, juice, or soda. No choices of juice or soda...just one kind each. Of course the flights were short, 1 hr. 35 minutes was the longest. But the service was very sparse. Trying to save money.

Carol Bailey here in foggy Central OR