To answer you question, I've never used But upon seeing your inquiry, I went to look at the site.

This is new for me. This is the first winter I've been using the internet to look for an affordable get-away for a week to a Southern clime.

So far I've done my research at and like the way it works better.

It's very hard to find good travel sites with departures from Canada, in my experience so far.

What I didn't like about ticketpilot is that it's one of those sites that asks me what I want.

I'm looking for a good deal and want to know what packages they have available.

At tripcentral, I can first specify from where I want to depart. In my case it's Montreal...but I don't have to choose between Dorval or Mirabel. I'm certainly willing to take a good deal departing from either one.

Then they narrow your search down to Where? When?= What month and then they show all that's available in that month.

I can narrow it further by having 1-5 star accommodations, choosing between 7 or 14 nights and determining if I want all-inclusive or not.

I saw something similar with

If you do use one of them and find it works well, I'd love to hear about it. Best wishes, Suzan