Subject: Re:Travel in Canada
G'day Michael

We were in the western part of Canada about 2 years ago, starting off at Vancouver, so perhaps the following comments are pertinent:

- We found we were able to get around the Vancouver area for the time we were there quite adequately without a car. - I can highly recommend the Rocky Mountaineer train trip (was one of the highlights of our trip). If you do take this, I would recommend the Gold Leaf trip -- it costs more, but we believed it to be worth the money. - We took the Rocky Mountaineer to Jasper and then picked a hire car up from there -- have no idea how costs compared in terms of Jasper v. Vancouver rentals, but it really wasn't a consideration. - Allow plenty of time between destinations -- the scenery is just spectacular, with the result we were out of the car more than we were in it!

No matter what your decisions, you will enjoy your trip.

Cheers, Peter (Formerly from Oz, now in London for awhile)