Subject: Introduction - New members in Sidney, Australia
Forwarded by moderator - Welcome, Paul and Jan!

Greetings, Travelzine Moderator!

Just a line or three about us for the record- I am late 50's, retired from a life spent mostly in the Airline business, my wife is still part-time nursing. We have our own home in a suburb of Sydney, Australia, with one early 20's son still at home (more or less), the other two are both overseas for the time being.

We have both travelled a fair bit, starting in the 1960's when (in my opinion) it was a more exciting pastime. Britain and Italy are our most frequent destinations for various reasons, though we have both been to several countries in Asia, America, Scandinavia, etc. I phrase it that way because we both travelled before we married, as well as afterwards.

Being retired, more or less ex-children, and hopefully reasonably securely financed, we intend to get about for many years to come, as there are still many square miles still unvisited. We hope to exchange some experiences soon. Paul & Jan