Subject: Re:Re: Egypt Books
G'day Megan, I've just finished two non fiction books that are partly on Egypt. The first is Route 66 A.D.- On the trail of ancient Roman tourists. by Tony Perrottet. (Vintage Books/Random House). An Australian author now living in New York sets out with his pregnant wife to retrace the original tourist route pioneered by Romans. It's hilarious at times, well researched on historical facts and illustrates the odd trial to two that we economy minded travellers face. A great section on the main drag through the icons of Egypt. A trip taken in 2001. Paul Theroux's - Dark Star Safari (Hamish Hamilton) I don't particularly like Mr Theroux and vowed I wouldn't read any more of his however this time his opinions often match mine on the countries that he visits from Cairo to Capetown. This is a recent trip so the section on Egypt is still relevant. Regards, James of Perth