Subject: Re: Tips for Maui, HI honeymoon
Hi Mae,

I have spent quite a lot of time on Maui although it has been several years since I've been. It all started on our honeymoon, we spend a week on Maui and a week on Kauai. During that holiday I was dedicated to the notion of doing every possible activity on each island; Land, air and Sea! And so we did. After that we continued to go to Maui yearly because we fell in love with the Island. We always stay at a moderate hotel that is in an ideal location in the town of Kahana, called the Kahana beach Condominiums: 4221 Lower Honoapillani Road Lahaina, Maui, HI; (808)669-8611 or (800)222-5642. This place has almost exclusively complete ocean views, each balcony is literally hanging over the water and it is ideal for whale watching and during the winter, watching Surfing. This hotel is inexpensive, has a small kitchenette and balconies and TV's and used to cost around $68 a night, for an extra $15 dollars you can get a rental car thrown in. I am sure it costs somewhere close, be sure to ask for a discount. Tell them you've been before, the price goes down!

The activities are all fun but I'd avoid Snorkeling at Molikini unless you don't mind swimming with tons and tons and tons of tourists. It gets so dense that it is easy to get kicked, and that's one of the nicer possibilities! Instead I'd take the Trilogy Tour to Lanai, its so much better! And Trilogy tours is the best; they treat you like family, and cater to your wishes!

The best thing we ever did was Rent a Local on Maui. Our local drove us anywhere we wanted and we got to customize the tour according to our interests. We had our local drive us to Hana, taking us the back road and showing us all the hidden waterfalls and wonderful flowers. It was spectacular, fun, and I learned the really cool local secret spots. We always take the back road to Hana now at least one way, of course the front road is very special too, it is not to be missed! Its probably one of the most spectacular back roads anywhere. Once in Hana, ask around for directions to the black sand beach, its very nice. Its also a nude beach so avoid if you are shy!

As someone else mentioned, Helicopter rides are spectacular, take the longest one you can afford! Haleakala is also fun but I'd avoid doing it for sunrise since the likelihood of actually catching it seems minimal (weather rarely permits), especially considering the 2 AM departure for the top. It ruins an entire day; you get back to the hotel at noon exhausted and ready for a nap! That's a bummer in Maui. The locals say the sunset is much better at Haleakala anyway. And as you head up to the top you can visit any number of cool garden shops in Upcountry Maui. There is also a winery up there.

My favorite restaurant in Maui is Roy Yamaguchi's . Its right around the corner from Kahana beach Condos.

There is an Entertainment book for Hawaii and many of Maui's great restaurants are in this book, all two for the price of one dinners. Its really worth the 20 bucks the book costs, they also usually have two for the price of one activities.

We usually avoid the more tourist spots, but around the other side of the island, past Kehei is Big beach and Little Beach, both very beautiful. Ask anybody how to get to Big Beach. Closer to Kahana is Olowalo, a great snorkel spot : Kapalua Beach is also fantastic: So is Honolua:

I own my own snorkels but used to rent them at Snorkel Bobs, they offer a nice package and some good advice.

Lahania is a nice place, there are plenty of places to shop and eat and the town stays open until 9 PM, that's very late for Hawaii! Things tend to close down early.

Beware of the timeshare people, they will entice you to listen to their spiel and offer you discounts on activities but don't do it! Time is precious and these sales presentations will put you in bad, resistant moods that can be hard to shake. Not a fun honeymoon activity I promise!

Finally invest in a good water proof sunscreen, and put it on religiously each morning before you even think about going outside. This will save you much pain and suffering :)

As always, I have nothing invested in any of the things I mentioned. I hope this helps you have a wonderful honeymoon,

Amelia Hesson Los Angeles