Subject: Introduction - new members in New South Wales, Australia
Moderator's Note - Welcome, Yolande and Peter!

Dear Travelziners,

Born in Europe, living in Australia with my Wife [she lived in Paris for 18 years] spending about 6 weeks every year travelling mostly on our own in Europe. Using organised groups only seldom [1982 in China, 83 in Java, later in Morocco]. Like to hire or lease car, but using trains, buses as well. Main interests art, architecture, local food, [especially in Italy and France, but enjoyed excellent pub-meals in U.K. as well.] opera, concerts. Languages between the two of us English, French, Hungarian, German. Last trip was a summer opera trip [Salzburg, Torre del Lago,Bregenz, Verona folowed by a week in Umbria, another in Lombardy and one in Slovenia by car.

Yolande and Peter Bokor Kingsgrove NSW Australia