Subject: Re: Sydney GTG

The day I slip thru Sydney quietly will be the day snow falls again in Cairns!

I do hope we can pull off a GTG, lunch or dinner, or better yet, BOTH on Feb 4. OTOH, I don't want to be too piggy about it! Does lunch or dinner work best for you? Once having fixed the time, perhaps we can round up some of the other new Sydneysiders to join us!

Donna & I are taking an organized hostel Blue Mtns bushwalk/cave explore on Feb 5 & 6, staying at the hostel at Katoomba, then back in SYD on Feb 6 about 7pm. We'll be at the Sydney Central Backpackers (no wonderful discounts at the Radisson for us this time!) Feb 4 & 7.

I could be back in SYD on Mar 3 again, as my flite for the states leaves on Mar 4, if that's a more convenient date for a GTG or some bushwalking. The day we explored the aborigine rock carvings north of Sydney was a grand day & I'm always up for more of that kind of thing. Donna will have already returned to the US by then.

Two weeks & counting for Oz, altho I am first squeezing in a quick weekend at Disneyland with MPC (Most Precious Child) Jan 24-26!

Gail In Eugene but never for long