Subject: Re: Sydney GTG

> I do hope we can pull off a GTG, lunch or dinner, or better
> yet, BOTH on Feb 4. OTOH, I don't want to be too piggy about
> it! Does lunch or dinner work best for you?

Both sound pretty good to me. How about a mornings drive along the eastern suburbs coast (Bondi Beach etc) lunch at the Watson's Bay Hotel (views up the harbour to the city), or at the Kiosk at Neilsen Park (harbourside beach), the afternoon walking south head maybe, then dinner at our place. Anyone else in Sydney can join us at either. Those who can't join us for lunch are welcome to meet you at our place in Petersham for dinner.

> the Sydney Central Backpackers (no wonderful discounts at
> the Radisson for us this time!) Feb 4 & 7.

We are putting a third story extension on to accommodate our overseas visitors,. but it won't be finished till later in the year.

> I could be back in SYD on Mar 3 again, as my flite for the
> states leaves on Mar 4, if that's a more convenient date for
> a GTG or some bushwalking.

If you are in early enough on the 3rd, we could make another out of town trip.


Gavin (Sydney, Australia)