Subject: Paris hotel for Family
Dear Ziners,

First, let me thank everyone for the wonderful advice I've received regarding our April trip to the Grand Canyon and Sedona. Reservations have been made, the guidebooks are on the nightstand, we are very excited.

For the last few years we have talked about making a family trip to Paris. Our daughter is now a mature eight who counts New York, New Orleans, and San Francisco as her favorite places and loves museums. I spent a year studying political science in Aix twenty (gulp) years ago, and my husband and I honeymooned in Paris and the Rhone Valley in '89. We have not been back since, so we are WAY overdue. My French is rusty, it'll come back ,tho.

On previous visits I've stayed in the Marais, I'd like to be someplace different this time. Our window for travel is early June, just after school is out, but before camp starts. Right now the airfare is very expensive, we won't make a final decision until we find a good airfare. However, its never too early to find the right hotel. We'd prefer to find a nice but not too expensive hotel with a suite or connecting rooms. Our friends who travel to Paris often (sans kids) really love getting an apartment. For me, vacation means not having to make the bed or prepare breakfast, and my husband and daughter are both very social, they enjoy meeting people in the lobby, etc.

What are your suggestions for locations and hotels?