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Hi all.. Regarding, i was interested to see if anyone had used it because i was going to use it to book my flight to the UK for April. I see one person has with no problems so that's good. Now, i looked up the price on ticketpilot and found it was about 30 dollars cheaper than Air Canada's seat sale from their site but in the end i booked on AC anyway and lo and behold, got an even cheaper price! However Ticketpilot now shows that lower price. If they are that competitive, within a dollar or two as is right now, i prefer to book directly with the airline. I always find that places like have the same prices anyway as far as flights go. Don't find expedia gets as good a hotel price though. I think i am a bit leary going through a third party like expedia or ticket party though i haven't heard anything against using recognized names like that.

so, yes i'm off to the UK in April for 2 weeks. :)