Subject: One year in Europe
Hello to all our new Australian members, but here's a special thought for Alan, who asked about how to spend a year in Europe.

One year living in London? Yup, I'd love it too, but if cost is a factor, then London is a problem, as it's probably the most expensive town in the Old Continent. There are budget accomodations, cheap food joints etc, but the prices are generally high. I don't know if that's true for suburbs also (London's surroundings are so extended).

And what about the motorhome, you'd ask next. Many Europeans travel around on motorhomes, but there are obvious limitations. First of all, European downtown streets are usually too narrow for big vehicles, and parking is often more a desire than an option. You could get stuck far from the centre and have to commute by public transport. In addition, camping is officially permitted on campsites only; police will probably tolerate a short stop almost anywhere (some friends slept in their motorhomes at the Colosseum in Rome or in a backstreet of Champs Elysees in Paris) but we aren't anymore in the seventies, when youngsters toured Europe sleeping in their car or on the beaches.

So, what to do? Stay at home? No way! Maybe you could consider splitting your time between the two options, or consider a different place to stay, a centrally located place like Brussels or Frankfurt. These towns aren't as famous as London, but they are multinational enough to make you feel just like one of the many foreigners.

European Ziners, please add your suggestions!


Paolo Trieste, Italy