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Regarding - I am going to Spain in March and researched the best fares and times on the latter two sites. (just heard about ticketpilot here). The cheapest and most efficient way was Air France - Ottawa to Malaga. I have a TD travel visa (I have no affiliation with them) so I called them to book the flight .... I get travel $'s. They got me the same flights for $1,000 cheaper for 3 Adults and 1 child. They went through a consolidator.

However, in the end I had to do the research myself.

The first time I just asked TD travel to get me to Malaga. They had me flying out of Toronto and on the way back having to stay an extra night in Toronto.

The 2nd time, I requested a Montreal departure .... yup, they had me flying out of Montreal to Toronto than on to Europe. I don't think they got the concept of Ottawa being close to Montreal.

The flight I choose - Air France - has a bus from Ottawa to Montreal then off to Paris and Malaga. All that said they did save me a lot of money which will be put to good use.


spending 11 days in the Andalucia area of Spain including a day in Tangiers (hopefully)