Subject: Re: Restaurants in Vancouver
Ziners, We are frequent visitors to Vancouver and want to chime in on this one. Our favorite restauant in the world. (Seriously, best we have ever been too---and we love to eat out) is Diva at the Met in Vancouver. We are going there again for Valentines Day and have made a special trip to Vancouver just to eat at Diva.

The food and service are both incredible. Considering that we have only been there 5 times in 4 years, our waiter remembers us each time. What class.

And the food. Many restaurants have a tasting menu so you can try a certain chef decided on menu. Not at Diva. When you choose their tasting menu, you can then pick three or four of the entrees from their regular menu and they bring you a smaller portion of each. Beware though, that smaller portion is not that much smaller. And they also offer a flight of wine to accompany the courses. That is about half a glass of each of four wines.

We have never had anything mad there and highly recommend it to everyone who visits Vancouver. Diva at the Met is downtown in the Metropolitan Hotel.

Also, for a really special breakfast, try The Elbow Room. You not only get one of the best breakfast's in the world but you get insulted and entertained at the same time. Warnings: 1) there are usually long lines on weekends and 2) do not go there if you are at all homophobic.

All our best to all

Jim & Kathleen in Redmond, just returned from Sedona AZ