Hi everyone,

We will be in Seville the second week in April - right before the big pre-Easter celebration. I have found tons of hotel sites and have checked every travel book at the big book retailer. What I can't find is a decent map showing where the hotels are. I want to stay near Plaza Nueva or the southern end of Calle Sierpes so we can walk out of our room at night and be where things are lively without a big hike. So, I want to check for hotels in that area. Most websites do not give a decent map of where a hotel is located.

So, I'm asking if any of you know where I can find hotel information that gives me a good map showing where the hotel is. Or, if you know of a moderate hotel in the Calle Sierpes/Plaza Nueva area, would you share the name?

Muchisimas gracias!

from suddenly cold Austin, Texas Cathia