Hi Cathia,

I am afraid that I cannot be of much help, I have managed to have never been to Sevilla :))

But she is always in our plans (last year we managed to get to Barcelona for a week, so who knows ...), I can give you the name of a hotel that has been recommended to me by some coworkers : The prices look reasonable, and it is located in the Barrio de Santa Cruz. I have put it in my list of prospective places. It is quite near from the Cathedral.

My mum was in Sevilla a couple of years ago. They stayed at a hotel called Fernando III, but she wasn´t quite happy with the service level. She says that maybe the workers should stop doing so many jokes and begin serving fresh bread at breakfast :))

One thing that they were advised by the local police was to be very careful with the handbags and to wear them across the body, specially when walking alongs parks ( Parque de Maria Luisa comes to my mind right now).

I hope other Ziners will be more helpful.

Kind regards, Covadonga Bilbao - Spain