Subject: Re: Restaurants in Vancouver
Hi All, Seems I missed(and cannot find) the original message about Vancouver restaurants but wanted to add that those mentioned are great especially Diva at the Met. which has won loads of awards I believe. Vancouver has an amazing number of great restaurants IMHO with many choices of food and atmosphere. There are, I know, Ziners living right in Vancouver who may have more ideas than I do, but I'd be glad to give my opinion on Italian, Japanese,wonderfulTasting Bars and great seafood.Whatever the preferance. Yes, Delilahs is still here though it has moved but I'm told the Martinis are still Killers!We first discovered Delilahs some 20 years ago and that first evening is still the talk of ourGroup. Cabs home were definitely in order for that night!

Best regards Judy, Abbotsford BC