Subject: Where to go?
Hello fellow Ziners,

I may be posing an impossible question, but here goes anyway. Where in the world should we go for our next trip?

We have travelled to Europe countless times and it is always a pleasure. We have been to Australia and had a fabulous 4 weeks in the country. We've been to Asia to visit friends and family in Hong Kong, Beijing, Thailand and Nepal. The U.S. and Caribbean are local favourites because they are so close. Visiting our own country is always near the top of our list because, and here I show my bias, Canada is a magnificent country. Now we are thinking of a 2-3 week trip SOMEWHERE and are at a loss to settle on a spot.

What do we like? Good food and wine, culture in the form of museums, old churches and anything historical (we're both trained as historians), and don't mind discomfort (no four star hotels for us). No rushing around for us (despite the fact that one of us is a marathon runner and must have a running fix every day), and we thoroughly enjoy meeting and talking to the locals in whatever language they speak (we can always manage with hand signals and drawings on paper). Our next trip, next week to get away from the frigid winter here, is a cruise on the Caribbean which will be about as much rest as we will need for a year.

It may be a tall order, or maybe not because the folks on Travelzine are so knowledgeable, but I thought I'd give it a try.