Subject: Where to go
Hi Lucy,

I agree with Sue and Judy--having been to Turkey 3 times and also Cambodia, Siem Repp for Angkor Wat, these are full of history. Food in both countries was good as I remember it. Not sure about the wine, on-----Cape Town has the best food and wine we have experienced on a trip (outside of Europe). And, those who did the Garden Route and also Safari were speechless. As for unusual, even though it is 'in your own backyard' so to speak--Cuba.

If you decide on Cuba, be sure to have ample time---days, I mean--on your own and not under the thumb of THE governement owned travel company. We thoroughly enjoyed being in Havana independently and seeing the history, both standing still and changing bit by bit as the govenment updates official buildings. I could go on and on about Cuba, but.........

Japan is another possibility as it is very different and interesting and there are Western type hotels as well as Japanese style. We were served Australian wine when we were there! Kyoto especially, was fascinating.

Gretchen, SC