Subject: Re: Milan hotels (with apologies)
Dear Don and Fernando:

Afterthought:: In my posting about hotels in Milano, if I left the impression that my two-night stay at the Hotel Speronari in mid- May of 1997, was anything less than satisfactory, I did not intend to do so. Reservations by fax far in advance were promptly and warmly answered. I liked my double room with full bath on an upper floor for 130.000 lire ($65 at the time) It was generously sized and quiet. My younger companion found her room on a lower floor too small and too noisy--chatty people gathered in the courtyard under her window. But . . . she was crabby from hauling her four bags, one a suitcase loaded with nothing but booksl, up the long entry flight of marble stairs and on up more stairs. After all, it is a one-star--sans elevator, air conditioning and breakfast--but for those who travel light and appreciate the location, Hotel Speronari is a very good choice. I would go back except maybe not in the heat of summertime.

Wishing I could go tomorrow, Jane in Tulsa where it is eight degrees.