Subject: Re: Where to go?
OK Lucy - take a deep breath - I choose Jordan. First, there is (almost) no terrorism there - it's a strong western ally, so it's much safer than it seems at first glance. As for History - there's the whole Lawrence of Arabia thing (we followed that approach). Also Petra - truly a wonder of the world - worth a minimum 2 days (we spent 3 nights and still didn't see it all). The people are wonderful and friendly. The food is pretty good (lots of choice) - and it's not dry - wine is relatively easy to find - the Lebanese is the best. OK, it's a small country, but worth at least 10 days - if you want to spend more time in the area there's Syria and even Lebanon. And no tourists everywhere! Check the news - none of the above currently have safety problems - and I'm sure you'll be welcomed with open arms. We've never felt safer than in Jordan. And we heard the same story from everyone we met there - paricularly from females travelling alone.

I'll also second South America. Check for 'Around South America' special tickets. Lan Chile used to include Miami as one of its hubs, so you could connect via Florida. I enjoyed Chile the most (and it has the best wine and seafood). Then take a bus through the Andes to Mendoza for the best Argentine wine (and their beef). And if you go, you MUST visit Iguassu Falls - absolutely spectacular.

Alan Gardner