Subject: Re: One year in Europe
Just a summary of my thoughts - not in a special order though...

- Motorhomes are quite expensive for rent. So if you'd like to have it for the whole year (or nearly that duration) you might consider buying and selling again. BUT I have no experience how that works (concerning insurance and things like that) for foreigners.

- For touring Europe London might not be the best base - you always have to cross the channel, probably by ferry which is quite expensive. The tunnel (railway which carries cars, too) is even more expensive according to my experience.

- London is a great city (my favorite in Europe) - but you don't need a car there. Perhaps you do one or more short stays there (a week or so, in different seasons?) without a vehicle.

- For Great Britain we had a wonderful experience when we were there with a motorhome (camper I think is the English expression). Our first stop was London and of course we went to a campground (Crystal Palace). That one belonged to a camping and caravan club and we soon found out that if we become member of the club it would save us considerable money even for just staying there three nights. So we joined. The lady at the reception handed us a thick book and a map, too...??!! We found out that there are certified places who are only open for members of the club, which means e.g. farmers can have iirc up to six places for motorhomes without being named campground. And there are hundreds of those places around Britain, many with very good facilities (electricity for the camper, showers and so on). I've not found clubs like that on the continent yet.

- All in all I'd say for choosing your base and the means of travel you should know more about what you want to see and do in your year in Europe - more to the south, the north, hiking, sights, water activities, contacts to the locals (language?) and so on.

Baerbel near Stuttgart, Germany