Subject: Re: where to go
Hi Lucy,

In reading the ideas of the members, I was surprised not to see Kenya or Tanzania mentioned. With a similar timeframe to yours, I managed to climb Kilimanjaro, see the Oldavoi Gorge and Ngorogoro Crater, tour Mombassa,(there you can satisfy your historical interests gathering a sense of the Portuguese presence that once controlled the waters)and relax on that gem of an island,Lamu. If one of you is a strong runner, Kilimanjaro would be no problem to do. It's not a technical climb at all, more a walk at high altitude!

I used to be a competitive cyclist. *My* favourite vacations seem to revolve around watching the Tour de France in July. Even without a specific interest in the sport, I think that you'd enjoy watching the pageantry and drama of a stage or two in France's astoundingly beautiful countryside. Watching the cyclists climb the steep switchbacks of an Alpine ski reort would be inspiring to a long distance runner...

I can also add a vote for Jordan. Petra is a wonder. Another wonder is scuba diving in the Red Sea in the south of the country...

Good Luck with your choices!!

Al from chilly Southern Ontario