Subject: Introduction - New member in Sidney
Forwarded by moderator - Welcome, Michael !

Ps. We have a few Ziners heading to Ireland this year. You can certainly be very helpful...

Dear Travelzine Moderator,

This is just a short email to confirm that I would like to become a member of Travelzine. Although I have lived in Australia for the last 45 years, I was born in Ireland and my partner and I intend to return there later this year either for a long holdiay or to live there for a few years.

We last went to Europe 3 years ago when we ran away to Italy to get married. We also visited Spain, France and Ireland on that trip which lasted 3 months. The trip before, some 3 years earlier was far more extensive taking in these countries and many more including Germany, the Netherlands, Scandanavia, the UK, Portugal, Malta, Budapest and Prague. That trip lasted about 6-7 months.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Michael Ramsey Sydney, Australia