Subject: Burma and moral dilemmas
Hi Sue,

I think you hit a nail in the head when you mention the decision to make : boycott or no? During a few years I thought of not travelling there until everything was changed, but I am not so sure right now.

One of the reasons I was thinking of joining this group (if they go this year and if the work situation is any good) is because as it is such a small tour, they tend to stay in private-owned places, and they try to minimize the amount of money given to the government. They already have a couple of local guides (they also specialize in individual tours, specially different honeymoons), and the pre-trip documentation and explanations are quite good. I remember last year, I was asking them about some other tours, and there was a couple thinking of joining the Burma trip. The girls at the office were quite good in explaining the political situation and telling them to think all about it. I felt that it was quite a decent thing to do, instead of trying to sell them the trip.

This moral dilemma of going or not to a country, depending on their political or religious situation ... I wonder if any other Ziners have felt the same about different places. I think that I wouldnīt be quite happy in Iran (I donīt mind dressing modestly, but having to wear an scarf and a long coat seems a bit unfair), but OTOH, I think that I might be able to overcome this feeling . Northern Africa is a no-no for me, there are more appealing places. I fully understand when people donīt want to visit the Basque Country (although I would say that a bomb is more likely in Madrid than in San Sebastian)

Anyone who would care to share with us their moral dilemmas? Any place you would like to visit, but you feel that you cannot do it?

Kind regards, Covadonga Bilbao - Spain