Subject: New Member soon to be in Germany
Forwarded by Moderator: Welcome Roger!

Military Officer 30 years in USAF Retiring 31Oct03 Mar-Jun 03 will spend in Stuttgart GY on a final short assignment. Lived in UK 75-76 Germany 76-79 Republic of South Korea 79-80 Philippines 80-85 US 85 until present While in these countries I was fortunate enough to do quite a bit of traveling to different locales. While in Germany I traveled and spent time in Spain, Italy, Greece(Crete), Turkey and Norway. Very fortunate. While in the Philippines I traveled to Malaysia, Singapore, Sydney, Perth, Thailand, Okinawa, and back to Korea frequently. Once again very fortunate. Outstanding opportunity to spend my final months of Active Duty back in Germany. Want to see it again for the first time. After that I will have several months off before I may go back to work in retirement. Would like to do the Pacific again and visit friends in the Philippines and Australia. Have spent a very small amount of time in Central America and Carribbean/Bahamas. Possible relocation to Dominican Republic to make my retirement dollars go further and save money for future travel.

That's it in a nutshell.

V/R Roger McMahon