Subject: Introduction - New australian member in Canada
Forwarded by moderator - Welcome, Bob !

Dear Don and Linda, I was introduced to your site by a very good friend in Australia, and I am impressed by what I have seen so far. There are too few decent rubbish-free travel sites, so yours is a most welcome change.

Anyway, about myself ... I am a 61 year old (about 30 in my head) retired school principal living in Rothesay, New Brunswick, Canada. I am an expat Australian and proudly hold my Australian citizenship. With my wonderful French-Canadian (Brayonne) wife (just had our 38th anniversary) I have travelled extensively in the U.S.A. and Canada, have beaten the backpackers' paths through New Zealand and the Cook Islands, spent considerable time in eastern Australia ( a year teaching in Broken Hill, visits to Cairns, the Whitsundays, a camping trip through central Australia (Uluru, Darwin, Mt.Isa, Coober Pedy etc., and various road trips through the southern coastal areas of NSW and Victoria, as well as parts of the central west. We have been to England, Fiji, Hawaii, American Samoa, Greece, Italy, and very briefly ( a one-day stopover) South Africa. I also do the occasional stint as a tour director locally, taking bus trips with mainly Americans to show them the wonderful Maritime area of east coast Canada. Our coming travel plans include a couple of weeks in Paris, the Greek Islands, and another long sojourn in Australia in early 2004. Hope this is the kind of thing you were looking for, thanks again for your consideration, regards, Bob Cotterill