Subject: Re: Disneyland
Hello, Ziners:

Having just returned from my umpeenth visit to Disneyland, I must confess that as a traveler (as opposed to a tourist), I'm embarrassed by my enjoyment of this make-believe place.

I know intellectually that Disneyland is hokey, but emotionally it's as comforting as a orange & vanilla creamsicle on a hot day.

After watching the way crowds are managed at the Magic Kingdom, customer service is delivered, & details are all thought out, I believe many other retailers can learn a thing or two. For example, the checkout lines at our local discount retailer would make Walt's blood boil. How hard is it to use stanchions & ropes to organize customers who are waiting to pay? Good grief, it's not rocket science & even United Airlines has figured it out at their ticket counters! Instead, lines at that retailer resemble a post-loss riot at an English Premier League soccer game. And during the winter holidays, customer service at my nearby post office sank to a new low, if you can imagine. These workers are PAID to treat postal patrons that badly? And I love the little Disney touches, from the beautiful floral displays in the landscaping to the themed tiles in the restrooms near each attraction.

It adds up to a predictable, pleasant, no-brainer experience & leaves me unwilling to accept poor service & stupid design in other places.

My almost-five-year-old granddaughter had a grand time, including visits with the costumed princesses (you know, Cinderella, Belle, Aurora, Snow White, Ariel, Alice & Jasmine!). Snow White, however, declined very graciously to give Kylie her home phone number so they could have a longer talk!

Any other closet Disney fans willing to admit to enjoying the experience?

Gail in Eugene but never for long