Subject: Re: Re: Disneyland
Hello Fellow Disney Admirers:

I took the facilities tour at Disney World a few years ago. The requirement then was that you had to have 15 people in order to book the tour. It was fascinating. Having been built in a swamp, the Disney World that the tourist sees is actually the second floor of the structure. The first floor is a small city consisting of banks, cafeterias, production rooms, small streets, etc. The tour provides a great deal of information, e.g., the Contemporary Hotel was built in modules so that eventually each of the modules could be removed with a crane, refurbished and returned to the hotel structure. Unfortunately, the hotel sank and prevented module removal. Then stuff grew between the modules creating a wonderful odor. Disney eventually solved the growth problem.

If you can garner enough people and have the time, try the facility tour.

Tom in Carlisle.