Subject: Re: Train from London to Edinburgh
Hi everyone. Evan Roth asked about who had taken the train from London to Edinburgh.

We did, but it was in 1980. I was attending a conference and staying in London with my wife. We had a day off and decided to take the overnight train, but we had to take a fast train back as we had London theatre tickets the next night.

It almost worked perfectly. We got into Edinburgh very early and took a city tour. The city itself is magnificent. The only hitch was that there was a problem on the tracks going back so we were delayed and got to the theatre a few minutes late, which I hate to do for the people we have to climb over. The London cab driver deserved kudos for getting us from the train station through an incredible maze as rapidly as humanly possible.

To return to the main issue. Do it. You won't regret either the scenery or the city.

Ira H. Bernstein Dallas