Subject: Re: helsinki, finland
Hello, Bettina. Welcome to The Travelzine. I have not been to Helsinki so I cannot offer first hand advice. However, as a member of the Travelzine you have access to all of the archives of past messages. Go to and click on the Members:logon on the left. Enter userid TTarchive and password Ziner (note that these are case sensitive so enter them exactly as above).

I searched on Helsinki and found 29 messages with references to Helsinki, including the following recommendations from Tuija in Finland - You'll find a lot of information at the web pages of Helsinki tourist office:

Another good site is (also in English).
>From there you can reach the Hotelbooking centre which offers accommodation from youth hostels to hotels.

I looked in the Travelzine hotel database (click on Files to the left, then Hotel and Destinations Database) but I did not see a listing for Helsinki or Finland. I hope that other Ziners will offer you their personal recommendations.

Have a great trip!

Mark Los Angeles