Subject: Greece 2004
Hi All,

Well it has taken some time but I have finally loaded all out photos, from our six week tour of England and North Wales, and now I am over half way through writing the travelogue.

Even before finishing writing up our last holiday, Rachel and I are in the throes of planning our next holiday which will be to Greece in 2004. At this stage we hope to fly into Athens during the last week in April (after Easter) and spend the next 6 or 7 weeks touring Greece and 3 islands. We plan at first, to spend a few days in Athens(Plaka area) and then take the train to some town in the Pelopponese, like Patras, and pick up a rental car. Our rough itinerary will be something like this, though not necessarily in this order. Athens and Hydra, Santorini and 1 other island, maybe Amorgos. Pelopponese. Central Greece to include Meteora and the Pelion Peninsula. Parts of Macedonia.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be most appreciated. Names of hotels, in the budget to moderate range, will also be helpful.

What is the weather like in April/May/June?

I have read both Don and Linda's travelogue and Macedonia written by Leonardo Scalfi, and gleaned a lot of good info. from them both.

Thank you. Regards, Richard Bloomfield (New Zealand)