Subject: Mexico, Costa Rica and Fresno
Hello Everyone,

I'd be interested in renting a place in either Mexico or Costa Rica-somewhere near or on water. I would start with one month. It could be Puerto Vallarta, the Mayan Riviera_I'm open. If not in Mexico perhaps then in Costa Rica. I decided that winter is no longer for me. I love warm weather. I have friends that beg me to come to Florida but I'd rather not at the moment.

Does anyone know of someone who has rented before-any feedback please? Or if you don't know of anyone, is there an agent or apartments ,condos that you would know about?

Last but not least, does anyone have any information on Fresno or people they would know there. I did receive a brochure re Fresno but would like to know even more. My son is planning on moving there in May(2003)-Fresno, California. Regards, Patricia;freezing in Montreal