Subject: Introduction - New member in NSW (Australia)
Forwarded by moderator - You are very welcome, Jennifer !

Hello Moderators and Members I am Jennifer Lawrence in Australia, who saw TheTravelzine website advertised in the paper as being a great website for travellers and decided to check it out.

I just loved this site and would certainly enjoy having access to archives and stories by your members.

I have enjoyed many years of travel to many wonderful destinations with my husband Ron, who was a company CEO before an early health related retirement.

We have travelled the USA, CANADA, UK,EUROPE, ASIA,EGYPT, ISRAEL, NEW ZEALAND, FIJI, VENATAU and we lived in HONG KONG for 6mths, and not forgetting our homeland, AUSTRALIA.

When travelling, Ron a I usually like to make our own way in preferance to guided bus tours, (which of couse we have also done on a couple of occasions) this is what I found most enjoyable and particularly appealing with TheTravelzine stories I read of Don and Linda's holiday in Rome. The honest descriptions of Hotels, Restaurants, Sightseeing, with names, addresses, even the L & R turns of streets etc. What wonderful and reassuring informations to be armed with when travelling .

I would be most grateful to be accepted as a member of TheTravelzine group.

thank you - Cheers