Subject: Re: Greece 2004
Richard Hi! Lucky you!!! Your trip sounds wonderful, but you might want to consider the weather. From our experience, Greece and it's weather do not get really nice (without the Meltemi - wind and rain) --- until mid to the end of May. Also, the ferries are not on their summer schedule until mid-May. That means that service is there, but not as prevalent...

Incidentally, we adored Amorgos. We go to Greece all of the time and this is one of our very favorite islands.We spnt 10 days there hiking, and getting to know the whole island - both ports - each is very different in feeling. Let me know if you decide to go there. It's a bit more difficult, however, to get to, but you can get there from Naxos.

Good luck. I don't mean to discourage you - April is georgeous, usually, too. I was there at Easter once and Athens is magical at that time! It's just that the weather is more predictable the later in May you get! Also, your services are better and people tend to open up hotels, guest houses and room rentals the later in May you get. This is especially true on the lesser-known islands like Amorgos!!!

Susie Newton, MA