Subject: Hotels In Montreal
Hello Ziners:

I missed the original post on this topic, so I don't know exactly what the writer was looking for, but I thought I would share one suggestion anyway.

When my wife and I visit Montreal, we always stay at the Castel Durocher. This is an unusually pleasant little B&B located in the heart of town, just one short block north of Sherborne. Of course, it does not have the luxury of a world-class hotel, but the owners, Sandrine and Vincent Van Dongen, are delightful, cultured people (Belgian originally) who go out of their way to make guests feel at home. And Sandrine is a chocolatier who provides a daily taste of her wonderful candies!

For more information, here is a link to their web page:

Incidentally, I have no connection with the Van Dongens or the Castel Durocher other than being a satisfied repeat guest. In fact, my wife and I spent a part of our honeymoon there and were treated royally.

Ron Audet Fredericksburg, VA (Near Washington, DC)