Subject: Disney Lovers
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You got me, too. I think Disney World is a lot of fun and have two great memories. One is the best customer service experience I've ever had in my life: my brother left some business drawings he was working on in our room at Lake Buena Vista and they were thrown away by the maid. The hotel manager contacted the Disney Operartions manager and the two of them drove us behind the scenes to the trash facility. They were able to guess the approximate position of the trash picked up in our room using their amazingly well organized system, and the four of us climbed into the trash. We found the drawings in less than 5 minutes!

The other memory is my daughter, at age 3, running out into the middle of Main Street during the parade and yelling, Mickey, Mickey! It's ME! I'm here!

She is 25 now, and while we glory in seeing her work toward her career goals, we do now and then long for grandchildren. One reason is so we can take them on a trip to Disney World. We sometimes talk about how much fun it will be to take a grandchild with us on our travels. My parents traveled extensively with my daughter, and they always had wonderful times. I hope that we can someday repeat this with our own.

Debbie in Pittsburgh but off to Firenze in about 3 weeks!