Subject: found that Seville hotel
Thank you Ziners!

I checked out everyone's suggestions to help me find a bed to sleep in in Seville in April. I emailed all of your hotel choices and also the ones I had found on my own. It was pretty grim, one after another I got very polite replies telling me there were no available rooms. Then, to my absolute amazement, the most centrally located hotel to all the areas I want to visit notified me they had a vacancy. So, we will be staying in a 128 Euros per night room directly across the street from the Giralda. Seville is not cheap. We will be close not only to all the major tourist sights, but in walking distance to the Triana area and Calle Sierpes. I just want to encourage you from never getting too discouraged when you can't plan your dream trip exactly as you want - don't give up.

By the way, the email responses I received from the Spanish hotels were written in the most beautifully formal and polite English I have ever read. I'm really looking forward to my Spanish experience.

Cathia in 70 degree Austin, Texas